JBS Innovation wing was started in 2016. Innovation is the key idea that has been shaping the new age of corporate lives. It helps leaders conceive previously unapproached strategic options. It sheds light to the importance of a blue ocean strategy to stand apart from the competition.

The JBS Innovation wing is invested in the following three charters:

JBS - Value Added Services Program

The Information Technology industry is advancing each day, hence the need to innovate arises. Searching for innovative ways to obtain customers and reach maximum potential, the JBS Value Added Services Program was founded. The VAS Program was initiated to gain a competitive advantage in an industry where prices do not vary much.

This program aims at aiding us in providing maximum customer satisfaction and achieve excellence in all categories that we serve in. The golden rule of marketing states that to create value from the customers, we need to first create value for them. Here, we aim at providing our customers with maximum value for the money they invest.

Acquisition of Promising Start-ups

Secondly, the innovation department is involved in the evaluation and assessment of promising new start-ups with innovative ideas that can transform businesses. Innovation enables the company to see potential acquisitions through a different lens, looking at them not just from a cost perspective, but also as a means of accelerating profitable top-line revenue growth and enhancing capabilities.

New Product Development

We at JBS believe that to grow, companies must step out of their comfort zones and take a leap into the future. For this reason, lastly, JBS Innovation is involved in development of products targeted to a new market which will provide a platform for many businesses to directly connect with consumers.

This new product is aimed at making its users’ day to day tasks easier and seamless. Stay tuned for more information about the launch of this exciting new product!