JBS GradNest’21 – Spread Your Wings!

JBS GradNest'21 is a first-of-its-kind Graduate Program in Pakistan's IT sector, with a strong focus to inculcate leadership skills among the youth. In collaboration with Karachi School of Business and Leadership (KSBL), this structured 6-month development program is distinctly designed for all aspiring young leaders in the technological and business fields. It is the perfect segue from university to the real world giving endless learning opportunities and a tremendous career path ahead. By allowing individuals to navigate through different segments of the business and challenging them with substantial responsibilities, we aim to empower risk-takers, pioneers and innovators to break through the barriers and grow beyond their potential!

The program is designed for future technology and business leaders who are:
  • keen to take new challenges & risks and are focused on getting the job done
  • driven to grow business & engage customers by finding out-of-the-box solutions
  • passionate to learn about technology as well as contemporary and future trends

If you are a top performer who is futuristic in orientation, possesses an innovative mindset, is fearless and ambitious, JBS is your perfect match. You can choose a rewarding career from our diversified business portfolio in Information Technology and support functions.

Become a part of the journey and unleash your potential!

A Message from the CEO

JBS in Spirit

Work from home policy – JBS is a strong proponent of providing flexibility in work schedules and providing telecommuting opportunities. Considering our tech-based business and working model absolutely based on trust and deliverables, we offer great support and a conducive environment to foster culture of being productive from anywhere.

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JBS is one of the most progressive and fast paced organizations of Pakistan with business portfolio spread across a range of areas within the IT field. You may choose to become a part of any of the departments to enjoy and experience rich learnings and exposure.

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning
  2. Networks and Security
  3. Datacenter
  4. Service Excellence
  5. Services Sales
  6. Infrastructure Sales
  7. Mobile Application Development
  8. Product Development
  9. Big Data Analytics
  10. Finance
  11. HR
  12. Supply Chain
  13. Marketing

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Program Structure

The central focus of the program is to inculcate leadership skills among the young management team of JBS. Everyone who becomes a part of the program will navigate through the combination of learning steps structured over the period of 6 months. Our aim is to empower and train the incoming talent of JBS and have them go through the program to sharpen their leadership and critical thinking skills.

This 6-month long program offers an experience that will guide you in making valuable decisions regarding your career goals by giving you the opportunity to learn from leaders in different segments of the business. JBS GradNest’21 gives you an environment that is highly conducive to learning and encourages new ideas and thoughts. The program has a clear objective of creating intrapreneurs who serve as a catalyst for growth by exploring innovative products, while also developing effective team players who are willing to adopt a can-do and practical approach. During your time, you will have the opportunity to work with various departments where you will be able to take part in comprehensive training with continuous challenges. This program offers a steep learning curve with mentors who will assist you along this journey of acquiring knowledge across different departments.

Whether you are experiencing different areas of our business or different major projects, you will always have opportunities to develop, grow and get support.

The overall six-month program is divided into three distinct areas of:

1 Training
2 Projects
3 On-Job Training


This is the opening part of the program. The trainees will partake in an activity and learning based program on the following structure.


The projects will require trainees to explore the assigned area, independently or as a group.

On-Job Training (OJT)

The program will conclude with on-job trainings. Trainees will work alongside their peers in intended department. OJT is designed as a progression from projects and will advance the trainees to independently take responsibilities relating to real-life scenarios.

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  You must be able to think of new things with unique perspectives. Strive to achieve and drive it to turn it into reality.

  Restless to do things differently, better and within the deadlines? We have a place for you.

  Believe in constantly improving your intelligence and ability to learn new skills through hard work, eagerness and perseverance.

  Ask questions, experiment and discover the new things.

  Consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles at all times.
Age: 21-27 years

Qualification: All fresh business and technology graduates with 0 to 1 year of work experience
Sound educational record (CGPA >3.00 is preferred)
*candidates with lesser CGPA can also apply provided they have strong skills relevant to the selected area of interest

Location: Karachi, Pakistan

Step 1 : Online Application Form

Complete an application form and upload an up-to-date copy of your CV/resumé.

Step 2 : Online Aptitude Test

Applicants will receive an email notification to take the online aptitude test.

Step 3 : Assessment Center

Successful candidates will be evaluated further in a day long assessment center on a range of activities.

Step 4 : Final Interview

Candidates will be invited for a final round of interview with the Senior Management.

Step 5 : Final selection

Successful candidates after passing the final round of interview will be given offer letters.