Blutech Consulting

Blutech Consulting is data Analytics Company of JBS. The core business of Blutech is to provide services around data management, business analytics and big data on Hadoop ecosystem. The services are on customer premises and also on cloud.

Blutech’s vision is to simplify the complexities. From setting up the right platforms to implementing the right tools and technologies, we provide a complete big data roadmap that on one hand helps IT department to efficiently manage big data platform at low costs and on the other hand enables business users to ask the right questions from the data, enable competitive edge and make informed decisions.

Blutech is the only company in Pakistan who is making lot of investments in the area of big data. We have setup analytical lab in house to build use cases and products that can solve lot of problems faced by local and international market.

We don’t sell technology and we don’t do IT projects. We do business projects and we solve business problems. In our eyes, business is the one to decide where to go while IT takes them on a drive and that’s why we belong to both business and IT in different perspectives.

JBS has acquired Blutech with a vision to encourage and support the startup ventures in the country.

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